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Dental Fillings in Inglewood

Dental fillings are a highly common restorative procedure and are most often used to treat minor cavities. They are so common that even many children have undergone the procedure. Fillings help treat cavities and tooth decay and preserve the natural tooth before infection and decay can progress further and demand more intense treatments. A composite resin is usually used to fill the clean hole left behind.

Why Are Fillings Important?

Fillings are important, particularly because they are a preventative form of dental treatment. Even when tooth decay is minor, it always has the potential to progress and result in serious complications. Progressed tooth decay could require tooth extraction, dental implants, dental bridges, or other more invasive procedures to restore oral health. Fillings are less painful and less invasive than other procedures and can both prevent further decay and relieve pain associated with minor tooth decay.

How do Fillings Work?

Receiving a tooth filling for minor decay is a simple procedure and can be done at a local dentist’s office like Inglewood Dental. Your dentist will start by numbing the affected area. Once the numbing has taken effect, the tooth decay will be removed with a small drill or other dental instruments. Rinsing and cleaning will ensure that the decay has been fully cleared from the tooth, and the hole left behind will be filled with a composite resin and hardened.

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