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Emergency Services At Your Red Deer Dental Clinic

Emergency Dentistry at your Red Deer Dental Clinic in Inglewood

Sometimes dental emergencies happen, and you need urgent care from your Red Deer dental clinicoutside of regular office hours. This could happen due to an emergency such as a knocked-out tooth. It is always worth seeking out emergency care if it is needed because leaving a dental emergency untreated can lead to further issues and damage. Emergency dentists exist to help you recover from accidents and dental emergencies as effectively as possible.

What is a Dental Emergency?

There are a number of situations that qualify as dental emergencies, including knocked-out teeth, severe infections and abscesses, soft tissue wounds, face or mouth trauma, and severe toothaches. These oral health situations require immediate attention at your Red Deer dental clinic in order to prevent further complications. For example, if a patient with a knocked-out tooth can make it to an emergency dentist fast enough, the lost tooth could be securely replaced in the patient’s mouth.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency? Contact your Red Deer Dental Clinic

Check the hours of your closest Red Deer dental clinic offering emergency dential services to find out if seeing a dentist is possible at the time. If it is not, do your best to manage your pain and prevent worse mouth injuries. If the pain and or bleeding is severe, you may need to visit an emergency room. Though a dentist may not be available, a doctor can provide you with professional care until you can see a dentist.

Here at Inglewood Family Dental we can help you as well. Our conveniently located practice is open on Saturdays and our staff is here to take your call.

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