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General Dentistry Services At Your Inglewood Dental Clinic

General Dentistry At Your Inglewood Dental Clinic

General dentistry includes a range of common and important services that your Inglewood dental clinic offers. You have likely heard of or dealt with these services before. General dentistry services usually include oral examinations, hygiene appointments, cancer screening, x-rays, root canals, tooth extractions, and more. These procedures are all important to help maintain your dental health. Chances are, you’ve undergone a few of these procedures before, but if you haven’t, Inglewood Dental is here to help you get on track.

Gum Grafting at your Inglewood Dental Clinic

Gum grafting is a procedure utilized to treat thinning or receding gums. These conditions can be the result of genetics, injury, or disease. Your dentist here, at your Inglewood dental clinic, will take extra tissue from the roof of your mouth and graft over your thinking or receding gums to build up the gumline and keep the roots of your teeth protected. Our staff will be available to help and make you as comfortable as possible.

Oral Cancer Screening at your Inglewood Dental Clinic

The sooner oral cancer is diagnosed, the better, so it never hurts to get a screening done if you think something feels abnormal (though screenings are typically done in regular checkups). Symptoms can be as simple as a persistent cough, so a professional screening is always best to keep you safe.

Dental Sealants at your Inglewood Dental Clinic

Sealants are excellent ways to keep your teeth healthy and protected. They act as a protective shield on your teeth against bacteria that can cause tooth decay and infection. Dental sealants are a lasting preventative measure that can save you pain and stress and reduce the frequency of your dental visits. Your dentist here at your Inglewood dental clinic can help you with this service.

Dental X-Rays

X-Rays help your Red Deer dentist check out what’s going on under the surface of your mouth. Your dentists can spot any irregularities or problems with ease through this images. Areas that aren’t easily visible become visible in x-rays, such as tooth roots and the jaw. The x-ray procedure is very simple and is usually conducted at your routine hygiene appointments. At your Inglewood dental clinic, x-rays will help us keep you healthy!

Root Canals

At Inglewood Dental, we provide low-stress root canal procedures as needed to help relieve pain, improve oral health, and prevent further complications. Root canals are usually needed when your teeth become damaged—whether they are cracked, chipped or otherwise infected. If the infected roots are left untreated, they could result in tooth extractions or abscesses, which become more complex to handle. Your dentist here at your Inglewood dental clinic can help you with this treatment.

Teeth Extractions at your Inglewood Dental Clinic

Sometimes the best option for treating an oral health problem is tooth extraction. We try to preserve natural teeth as much as possible, but in certain cases, extraction becomes necessary in order to prevent further complications. Your Red Deer Dentist and oral surgeons can help prevent further infections and tooth pain by extracting your teeth with the use of local or general anesthetic.

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