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Your Invisalign Red Deer, AB providers are here to help you achieve a straighter smile! Invisalign is the most popular form of clear aligner therapy in the world, and for a good reason. With its advanced technology and high success rates, Invisalign is an extremely popular orthodontic choice. The Invisalign treatment process consists of multiple clear aligner trays customized to you and your orthodontic needs, and you move through the trays as your teeth shift.

Invisalign Benefits

Invisalign is highly praised for its many benefits. One of the biggest pluses of the treatment is the removability of the aligners. This means you have the ability to thoroughly clean your teeth, and you can eat whatever you like. With braces, there are restrictions on what you can eat, and it is difficult to clean the appliances glued inside the mouth. The aligners are more comfortable than braces and are well-suited to both children and adults.

Your Invisalign Red Deer, AB Providers Explain: Who Needs This Treatment?

Patients with misaligned teeth can be treated with Invisalign, but how can one be sure if teeth are misaligned? The tell-tale signs of misaligned teeth are temperature sensitivity, pain while eating, difficulty flossing, bad breath, and tooth damage. If you experience these symptoms and believe you might have misaligned teeth, it’s a good idea to get started with orthodontic treatment by speaking to your Invisalign Red Deer, AB providers, right here at Inglewood Family Dental, our conveniently located dental practice.

Clear Aligner Therapy in Inglewood

Your Invisalign Red Deer, AB providers can also help you with Clear aligner therapy. This treatment is an excellent way to realign teeth without the use of braces. While still thorough, aligners can be a less intense method of orthodontics than traditional braces since they are completely removable. They are also more comfortable than traditional braces, and they give patients the benefit of invisibility—often, they are difficult to see against a patient’s teeth.

Aligners vs. Braces

How do aligners measure up to the traditional realignment method of braces? They measure up pretty well. Aligners, if worn properly, take the same amount of time to align your teeth as braces. They are designed for your specific dental needs, and instead of getting tighter wires, you’ll receive tighter aligners. They are more discreet and can be removed as needed, while braces are highly visible and glued directly to your teeth for the duration of your treatment. If you still have doubts about clear aligners and want to know more about how they compare to braces, ask your Invisalign Red Deer, AB provider to help guide you.

How to Maintain Clear Aligners

For clear aligner therapy to work and to keep your teeth healthy during the process, there are some guidelines to follow. The aligners must be worn as much as possible in order for them to work properly, so they should be worn twenty or twenty-two hours every day and are only to be removed for eating and teeth brushing. They should also be cleaned as often as you brush your teeth in order to prevent plaque and bacteria buildup on the trays.

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